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Knowledge of Food Safety Rapid Test Technology Is Worth a Look

Classification of food safety rapid test projects

  • Rapid screening and detection of acute food poisoning substances;

  • Rapid detection of chronic harmful substances and inferior food;

  • Rapid determination of the safety of food processing, storage, and transportation;

  • Rapid detection of microorganisms.

Status of food safety rapid test in various regions

As for food safety rapid test, the situation varies from country to country depending on their national conditions. Some are of common concern across countries, such as pesticide residues, heavy metal pollutants, and nitrite.

There are also research projects launched based on the food safety problems that frequently happen domestically, such as rapid detection of mad cow disease factors in beef, which is a research focus in some developed countries, while rapid detection of rodenticides is a research focus in China. For example, the melamine incident was particularly prominent in China, which forced China to develop rapid testing methods in a very short time. Illegal adulteration in food also varies in different countries, which can be learned from and selectively used.

Some countries' scientific and technological level is more advanced, enabling them to develop special reagents using specific test materials, or miniaturize large instruments used in laboratories and place them in specially equipped vehicles for on-site rapid testing. As society advances, technology develops, and international exchanges accelerate, various food safety rapid testing methods will continue to be developed. Taking the strengths and avoiding the weaknesses, providing good-quality yet affordable products will be a trend.

Status of food safety rapid test in China

Some Chinese units have equipped some rapid test vehicles in accordance with the model of developed countries, which have played a certain role. However, due to the late start, there is still a process of how to equip instruments and equipment and how to exert their roles.

In the past few years, many units have equipped food safety rapid test boxes and other testing equipment, which have played a significant role in ensuring food safety. However, there are also some problems exist.

Currently, many Chinese units are developing rapid testing methods and equipment, some of which are good methods and products. Still, there may be some methods that need to be improved, and the quality of products still needs to be further improved.

After years of efforts, the Food Safety Department of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention can carry out more than 80 on-site rapid test projects in four categories and provide reagents and equipment for these projects, laying a foundation for China's work in this field.

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