Swine Influenza Antigen Rapid Test

This product is used for qualitative detection of African swine fever virus (ASFV) antigen in diseased pig blood in vitro.

African Swine Fever (ASF) is caused by the ASF virus infecting domestic pigs and various wild boars (African wild boar, European wild boar)

Pigs, etc.) caused by an acute, hemorrhagic, strong infectious disease. It is characterized by a short course of onset, with mortality rates of up to 100% for the most acute and acute infections. 

The clinical symptoms of ASF are similar to those of SWINE fever and can only be confirmed by laboratory monitoring.

Specification: 20 pieces/box

Test sample: pig peripheral blood

Diagnostic Test Kit
Antibody & Antigen

Using Methods of Swine Influenza Antigen Rapid Test

Swine Influenza

Swine Influenza

Add Sample Method of Swine Influenza Antigen Rapid Test

1. blood sample extraction

  • Select a clear position of the dorsal vein of the pig ear and wipe it with alcohol cotton for disinfection.

  • After automatic needle puncture, the swab was used to extract the blood of the infected pig, ensuring that the swab was fully soaked with blood (about 100ul).

2. Put the extraction tube on the workbench and tear the sealing film.

3. Place the swab specimen into the extraction tube and rotate the swab approximately 10 times while pressing the swab head against the tube wall to release the antigen in the swab. Edge squeeze swab.

Remove the swab from your head to remove as much fluid as possible from the swab.

4. Stand the extraction tube after sample extraction for about 1 minute.

5. Open the aluminum foil bag and take out the test card, drop 3 drops (about 75ul) into the sample hole of the test card (or use the pipette gun to add sample 75ul), and start the timer.

6. The veterinary diagnostic kits result is displayed after 15 minutes. The result is invalid after 20 minutes.

Interpretation of Swine Influenza Antigen Rapid Test Test Results

Negative result: If only quality control line C appears and test line T does not show color, it means that no ASF virus has been detected, and the result is negative.

Positive result: If quality control line C and test line T both show, it means that the African swine fever virus was detected, the result is positive.

Invalid result: If quality control line C is not observed, it is invalid regardless of whether test line T is displayed and should be tested again.

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