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Types of Human Rapid Test

How does Human Rapid Test Test work?

According to the characteristics and activity characteristics of the immune complex formed by the combination of antigen and antibody, the antantibody in the specimen can be qualitatively, Locatively or quantitatively detected.

Qualitative and localized detection is relatively simple , that is the known antibody is mixed with the sample to be tested.

After a period of time . if the formation of immune complex occurs . it indicates the existence of the corresponding antigen in the sample to be tested.

If no expected phenomenon occurs, it means that the corresponding antigen is not present in the sample. Similary, known antigens can be used to detect the presence of corresponding antibodies in the sample.

How does Human Rapid Test Test work?

Human Rapid Test usually includes infectious disease Tumor tests and fertility tests. HCG test will be the most used human rapid test parameter in the world. HCG and LH test is our key product Our POCT analyzer will also support quantitative human rapid test parameters in the future.

Advantages of Human Rapid Test

Advantages of Human Rapid Test

Simple Operation
easy to use even for unprofessional people or patient themself
get the diagnostic result as soon as possibl
Less Cost
cheap cost
at site where the patient

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