Brucella Virus Antibody Rapid Test

This product is used for qualitative detection of brucella antibody in cattle and sheep blood in vitro. Bovine brucellosis, also known as infectious abortion, is caused by Brucellosis (Brucellosis) a zoonotic contact infectious disease. The susceptibility of cattle and sheep to this disease increases as the sexual organs mature. Cows are usually asymptomatic except for abortion.

Specification: 20 pieces/box

Test sample: whole blood/serum

Diagnostic Test Kit
Antibody & Antigen

Using Methods of Brucella Virus Antibody Rapid Test

Veterinary Rapid Test

Veterinary Rapid Test

Add Sample Method of Brucella Virus Antibody Rapid Test

1. Place the test card on a horizontal table and add two drops of whole blood or serum to sample (S) well of the test card using a pipette;

2. Slowly add one drop of diluent to the sample well (serum samples do not need to drop diluent, tighten the diluent bottle after use and reserve it for next use);

Results will be interpreted within 5-15 minutes, and invalid results will be interpreted over 15 minutes.

Interpretation of Brucella Virus Antibody Rapid Test Test Results

Negative result: If only quality control line C appears and test line T does not show color, it means that no ASF virus has been detected, and the result is negative.

Positive result: If quality control line C and test line T both show, it means that African swine fever virus was detected, the result is positive.

Invalid result: If the quality control line C is not observed, it is invalid regardless of whether the test line T is displayed and should be tested again.

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