Canine Coronavirus Test Card (CCV-Ag)

This product is used for rapid and qualitative detection of canine coronavirus antigen in dog feces for screening and diagnosis of canine coronavirus infection.

Canine coronavirus can cause varying degrees of gastroenteritis symptoms in dogs, characterized by frequent vomiting, diarrhea, depression, anorexia and other symptoms.

The disease can occur all the year round, in winter, the disease is the main infection of dogs, dogs can be infected by respiratory tract, digestive tract, feces and pollutants.

Once the disease occurs, it can occur in dogs that are difficult to control. The disease is often associated with canine parvovirus, rotavirus, and other gastrointestinal diseases.

Specification: 10 pieces/box.

Test sample: fresh dog feces.

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Results Instruction of Canine Coronavirus Test Card (CCV-Ag)

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The Way for Using of Canine Coronavirus Test Card (CCV-Ag)

Read the instructions carefully before use, and restore the test card, diluent and sample to room temperature.

1. Open the bottle cap of the dilution tube, insert the tail of the cotton swab into the inner groove of the bottle cap and fix it without falling off. Take an appropriate amount of fresh samples with the cotton swab.

2. After sample collection, put the cotton swabs into the diluted bottle, tighten the cap and shake the bottle slightly for 15s, and let the sample liquid stand for two minutes.

3. Put the test card on the horizontal table, break the bottle mouth of the dilution tube, and slowly add 2-3 drops to the test card into the sample hole (S).

4. Interpretation results within 15 minutes, interpretation results over 15 minutes are invalid.

Interpretation of Canine Coronavirus Test Card (CCV-Ag)  Test Results

Positive (+): two red bands appear. One is located in the detection area (T) and the other is located in the quality control area (C). Positive results indicated that the sample contained canine coronavirus. 

Negative (-): only a red band appears in the quality control area (C). No red strip appeared in the detection area (T). A negative result indicates that canine coronavirus is not detected in the sample or the level is below the detectable range.

Invalid: No quality control area (C)

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