Fluorescence Quantitative Reader

FR600 fluorescence quantitative reader is an immunofluorescence detection system based on the photoelectric detection principle, which needs special fluorescent immunoreagents to be used. 

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Antibody & Antigen

Specification of Fluorescence Quantitative Reader

Product modelJFR00
Input power100~240VAC 35W 50Hz~60Hz
Overall size285mm×200mm×165mm
Excitation spectrumCentral wavelength λ0=365nm
Absorption spectrumCentral wavelength λ1=610nm
PrintBuilt-in thermal printer

Using Situation of Fluorescence Quantitative Reader

The analyzer has high detection accuracy, strong stability, fast detection speed, and low cost. It is widely used in disease detection, medical care, epidemic surveillance, food inspection and quarantine, and other fields.

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