BT Cry Ab/Ac Antibody

The cry is toxic to some insects, and BT transgenic is mainly used to improve insect resistance of crops. BT protein can accumulate in the human body and its long-term toxicity cannot be underestimated. BT proteins bind to mammalian intestinal mucosal cells and, at high concentrations, may be toxic to mammals.  BT protein can inhibit the immune function and hematopoietic function of the body and cause autoimmune diseases and other potential dangers.

Antibody & Antigen
Diagnostic Test Kit

Specification of BT Cry Ab/Ac Antibody

DescriptionTypeItem NOSourceApplicationRecommend to use for
Cry-2B7mAbGHMA094-1mouseEIA, LF, FluorescentLabeling
Cry-6E9mAbGHMA094-2mouseEIA, LF, FluorescentCoating

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