Transferrin Antigen Rapid Test

The Transferrin assay is an immunoturbidimetric procedure that measures increasing sample turbidity caused by the formation of insoluble immune complexes when antibody to transferrin is added to the sample. Sample containing transferrin is incubated with a buffer and a sample blank determination is performed prior to the addition of transferrin antibody. In the presence of an appropriate antibody in excess, the transferrin concentration is measured as a function of turbidity.

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Transferrin Test

To understand what is transferrin test it is important to know what is transferrin and the basis behind the test. Transferrin refers to the blood plasma glycoproteins that carry iron through your blood to the liver spleen and bone marrow. The levels of human transferrin can help in determining the causes of medical conditions like anaemia or even the iron-carrying capacity of the blood.

What Is A Transferrin Test?

A transferrin test is carried out to directly measure the level of iron in the blood and also the body’s ability to transport iron in the blood. The transferrin blood test is ordered if the doctor suspects abnormalities of iron levels in your body. The tests help diagnose chronic iron overload or deficiency. It is a simple blood routine wherein the technician draws the sample from a vein in your arm and sends it to the lab for further analysis.

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