Alpaca Anti Human IgG

Physical state: lyophilized solid

Storage and rehydration: store freeze-dried solids at 2-8 ° C. Rehydrate with the specified volume of dh2o, and centrifuge if not clear. Prepare the working diluent on the day of use. The product can be stored stably for about 6 weeks at 2-8 ° C, which is an undiluted liquid.

Extended storage after rehydration: sub packed and frozen at -70 ° C or below. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing. Alternatively, equal volumes of glycerin (ACS grade or better) are added to bring the final concentration to 50% and stored in liquid form at -20 ° C.

Antibody & Antigen
Diagnostic Test Kit

Specification of Alpaca anti Human IgG

DescriptionTypeItem NOSourceApplicationRecommend to use for
Alpaca anti Human IgGmAbGHMA103-1AlpacaEIA, LF, FluorescentCoating

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