G-protein RV Antibody & Antigen

The rabies G protein is the only protein composition of the virus envelope, is the main factor that determines the pathogenicity of RV, is also the only antigen that stimulates the body to produce neutralizing antibodies and is related to the budding of the virus. As neutralizing antigens, G proteins are also used to detect neutralizing antibodies in animals and evaluate the effectiveness of vaccines.

Antibody & Antigen
Diagnostic Test Kit

Specification of G-protein RV Antibody & Antigen

DescriptionTypeItem NOSourceApplicationRecommend to use for
KQ16(GP)rAgGHCA025-5E.coliEIA, LF, FluorescentCoating
GP-4D5mAbGHMA072-1mouseEIA, LF, FluorescentLabeling/Coating
GP-3E9mAbGHMA072-2mouseEIA, LF, FluorescentLabeling/Coating

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