CP4-EPSPS Antibody & Antigen

Cp4-epsps, as a screening marker gene, and other target exogenous genes are integrated into a variety of crops, which is convenient for later screening and also endows transgenic crops with glyphosate resistance characteristics. It is convenient to use glyphosate to eliminate weeds in the field and reduce labor costs.

Antibody & Antigen
Diagnostic Test Kit

Specification of CP4-EPSPS Antibody & Antigen

DescriptionTypeItem NOSourceApplicationRecommend to use for
CP4 AntigenrAgGHCA047-1E.coliEIA, LF, FluorescentQuality   Control
CP4-16E5mAbGHMA093-4mouseEIA, LF, FluorescentLabeling/Coating
CP4-4D11mAbGHMA093-3mouseEIA, LF, FluorescentLabeling/Coating

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