Clostridioides difficile Antibody & Antigen

Clostridium difficile is a member of the normal flora of the human gut. When antibiotics are not used in a standardized manner, the intestinal flora can be maladjusted. Drug-resistant Clostridium difficile bacteria proliferate and cause diseases such as antibiotic-associated diarrhea and pseudomembranous enteritis.

Antibody & Antigen
Diagnostic Test Kit

Specification of Clostridioides difficile Antibody & Antigen

DescriptionTypeItem NOSourceApplicationRecommend to use for
GDHrAgGHCA037E.coliEIA, LF, FluorescentQuality Control
GDH-1A4mAbGHMA041-1mouseEIA, LF, FluorescentCoating/Labeling
GDH-2D5mAbGHMA041-2mouseEIA, LF, FluorescentCoating/Labeling

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