Colloidal-gold Quantitative Analyzer

Colloidal-Gold Strips Quantitative Reader JR300 can detect colloidal-gold, colour latex and other markers. It is suitable for testing in biomedical research and development, clinical medicine, food safety, environment and other fields. 

Diagnostic Test Kit
Antibody & Antigen

Specification of Colloidal-gold Quantitative Analyzer

Product modelJR300
Input power100~240VAC 35W 50Hz~60Hz
Overall size285mm×200mm×165mm


Test time≤5 seconds
Storage records10000
Number of items stored200
Test results printed

Yes(thermal printer)

Network data testOptional
U disk data import and exportYes
QR code scanner gun supportYes
Wireless data connectionOptional

Using Situation of Colloidal-gold Quantitative Analyzer

JRead series of equipment has high-performance accuracy, easy operation and maintenance. It can be widely used in the IVD testing field.

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