Test Spray Machine

PJY200 Sprayer is used to spray colloidal gold and other particles evenly on glass fiber materials through solution in the production process. High precision stepping pump and independent research and development of precision spraying pen ensure line uniformity, which make it one of the necessary production equipment for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Diagnostic Test Kit
Antibody & Antigen

Specification of Test Spray Machine

Product modelPJY200
Input power~220V±22V  50Hz~60Hz 2A
Overall dimension568mm×379mm×348mm
Platform(Working) Area476*112(350*85)mm
Spraying efficiency800 strips/hour
Platform moving speed50~150mm/s
Spraying solution concentration1.00~9.99 ul/cm
Minimum fill and drain volume1ul
Reagent residual volumeApproach to 0
Maximum storage program10
Syringe capacity (Standard configuration),can be customizable 500ul
Number of standard pump3, can be up to 5

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