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How to Use the Covid-19 Antigen Test Kit?

There is a Covid-19 antigen test kit among the methods for self-testing of Covid-19, but how to use this Covid-19 antigen test kit? It takes 3 steps to teach you to complete the test in 10 minutes, namely sample collection, processing and testing, preparation and reading the results. You should also pay attention to it. Do not discard the used test specimens and kits after use.

Ⅰ. Preparations for the use of Covid-19 antigen test kit

Before starting to use the Covid-19 antigen test kit, everyone needs to do some preparatory work. Everyone should clean their hands with running water or disinfectant, and then remove the packaging of the Covid-19 antigen test card and put it in the In a flat and clean location; everyone should pay attention to reading the relevant supporting instructions and related precautions, pay attention to whether the antigen self-test reagent is within the shelf life, and whether there are any missing or damaged items, such as nasal swabs, sampling tubes, test cards, etc.

Ⅱ. Methods and steps used by Covid-19 antigen test kit

1. Sample collection

Those older than 14 can sample by themselves, and those aged 2 to 14 can ask others to help.

Before sampling, everyone wipes their own nasal mucus, opens the outer packaging of the nasal swab, and does not touch the nasal swab head with hands. Everyone pay attention to the movements, tilt their head slightly, and hold the nasal swab with one hand. The tail of the nose, put the nasal swab against one nostril and enter the nose, then slowly go back 1-1.5 cm along the bottom of the lower nasal passage, and gently turn it against the nasal mucosa for 4 turns, pay attention to the stay for more than 15 seconds. The same swab was then used to sample the other nostril in the same way.

2. Sample processing

After sample collection, you can put the nasal swab after collecting the sample into the sampling tube. The swab head should be rotated and mixed in the preservation solution for at least 30 seconds, and the swab head should be squeezed against the outer wall of the sampling tube with your hand at least 5 times. After the liquid of the swab head is squeezed dry by hand through the outer wall of the sampling tube, the swab is no longer used.

3. Sample testing

After you cover the sampling tube, you can drop the liquid vertically into the sample hole of the Covid-19 antigen test kit. You can see how long it takes to read the results in the manual, usually about 10 minutes, and be careful not to touch the test card during the waiting process.

Do not throw away the ag test kit and test specimens after the test. If the test result is negative, you can put the test specimens and reagents in a sealed bag and treat them as ordinary household waste. If they are positive, they must be reported and the ag test kit And the test specimens are handed over to the epidemic prevention personnel for processing.

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