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Comparative Evaluation of Cdv Test Kit with Other Diagnostic Tests

Canine Distemper Virus (CDV) is a highly contagious viral infection that affects a wide range of animals, including dogs. It can cause a range of symptoms, ranging from respiratory problems to neurological disorders. Early detection of CDV can ensure timely treatment and prevent the spread of the disease. Diagnostic rapid tests play an important role in the detection and management of CDV. In this blog, we will compare the CDV test kit with other diagnostic tests for CDV.

CDV Test Kit

The Frenovo CDV test kit is a rapid immunochromatographic test that detects the presence of CDV antigen in serum, plasma, or whole blood. The test is user-friendly, and the results can be obtained in 10 to 15 minutes. The test kit is affordable and has high sensitivity and specificity, making it an excellent choice for early detection of CDV.


Reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) is a molecular diagnostic test that detects the presence of CDV RNA in a sample. It is highly sensitive and can detect the virus even in asymptomatic animals. However, RT-PCR requires specialized equipment and technical expertise, which can be a limitation for some clinics.

Serological Tests

Serological tests detect the presence of antibodies against CDV in serum or plasma. These tests are useful for detecting past exposure to the virus, but they cannot detect acute infections. Serological tests can also be affected by factors such as vaccination status and maternal antibodies.

In conclusion, the Frenovo CDV test kit offers an affordable, easy-to-use, and reliable option for early detection of CDV. While RT-PCR is highly sensitive, it requires specialized equipment and technical expertise. Serological tests are useful for detecting past exposure, but they are less reliable for detecting acute infections. Veterinarians should choose the diagnostic test that best suits their needs based on the patient's clinical history and the stage of the disease. CDV test kit should occur at least once in the content.

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