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A Year of Global Expansion - Hangzhou Frenovo Biotech's Journey Through 2023 Medical Exhibitions

As we bid farewell to 2023, Hangzhou Frenovo Biotech proudly reflects on an eventful year marked by our active participation in prominent international medical exhibitions.


Brazil: Breaking Ground in Latin America - HOSPITALAR 2023 (May)

In May, we took a significant step by participating in HOSPITALAR 2023 in Brazil. The experience was invaluable as we navigated through local demands, understood regulatory nuances, and forged partnerships that laid the groundwork for our entry into the Latin American healthcare landscape.



Thailand: Tailoring Solutions to the Tropics - Medlab Bangkok (August)

August witnessed our presence at Medlab Bangkok in Thailand, an event that allowed us to reinforce our commitment to the Southeast Asian market. Responding to the unique demands of the tropical region, we unveiled rapid diagnostic tests for malaria and leptospirosis.




Germany: Nurturing European Relationships - Medica Düsseldorf (November)

Returning to Medica Düsseldorf in Germany in November was a familiar yet vital experience. This exhibition, a recurring fixture on our calendar, provided us with the opportunity to showcase advancements in our existing products.



Russia: A New Frontier - ZDRAVOOKHRANENIYE2023 (December)

Closing the year, we ventured into new territory with our participation in ZDRAVOOKHRANENIYE2023 in Russia. This marked our first presence in the Russian market, offering us a chance to understand local regulatory frameworks and build strategic partnerships with Russian healthcare entities.



Throughout 2023, our consistent presence at global exhibitions underscored our commitment to IVD markets. Responding to the diverse needs identified during these exhibitions, we demonstrated agility in product development. Tailoring our offerings to local requirements, we introduced specialized products such as tropical disease rapid tests for the Thai market and early pregnancy tests for cattle in Middle East regions.


In 2024, meet us in Dubai, for Medlab Middle East in February. Following this, in April, we are gearing up for Medic West Africa in Nigeria and Expomed Eurasia in Turkey, providing us with opportunities to connect with the dynamic healthcare ecosystems of these regions.


For media inquiries or further information, please contact us at enquiry@frenovo.com.

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